Our Pledge

Our Pledge to You

AMB Structural CAD offers your company a lifetime of expertise in AutoCAD® drafting, detailing, training and management together with mastery of Revit® Modeling and BIM coordination—all built on a solid engineering foundation.

We have professional solutions for your drafting, modeling, and CAD management needs without the risk of added payroll expenses.

Our commitment is to provide our clients with professional quality work on time and at reasonable cost.

AMB's 5 Points of Service

Quality Work

·     Reflect 100% your design and specifications.
·     Produce clearly readable, well-organized sheets that will integrate with other
·     Follow the highest standards of the industry.

Timely Execution

·     Deliver the finished product on or before the agreed-on schedule.
·     Be available beyond regular office hours for last-minute or time-sensitive

·     Keep you regularly informed on the progress of the job.

Responsive Service

·     Collaborate with project managers, engineers, and architects.
·     Be available by phone, e-mail, or in-office consultations.
·     Quickly respond to questions or modifications.

Reduced Risk

·     Produce documents that can be confidently approved by project engineers.
·     Prevent costly misunderstandings between architects and engineers.
·     Avoid the need for additional payroll, licensing, equipment, and office expenses.

Lower Cost

·     Provide fast turnaround to meet deadlines.
·     Produce accurate work that will not require needless redrafting.
·     Eliminate overhead expenses for a full time employee.
·     Avoid paying for down time between jobs.


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